1st Step: Getting acquainted

We gladly visit your location for the initial meeting in order to get acquainted, see the area in question and hear your ideas and preferences. At the same time, we would be pleased to share our vision of lighting and the possibilities offered by the in-lite lab. We end our meeting with a smile and schedule a new meeting to discuss the 3D light plan.

2nd Step: 3D design

The next step is to create a 3D light plan. This service is offered free of charge and entails no obligation. The plan incorporates your preferences and a good dose of in-lite lab creativity. Within 10 business days, we send you the plan, including an explanation and offer. This plan shows you the important role that lighting plays in an outdoor area. We prefer to go through the plan together with you so that we can answer any questions directly.

3rd Step: Carrying out the plan

After you have accepted our offer, we start carrying out the light plan for your outdoor space. We guarantee two things during this process: attention to detail and speed. The lighting is installed with the utmost care and, before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a wonderfully illuminated outdoor space.

4th Step: Follow-up

After installation, you can enjoy your new lighting without a worry. The system is connected security, you have quality fixtures in your outdoor space and a 5-year guarantee on both the system and fixtures. In the unlikely event that a defect develops during these 5 years, the defective part will be replaced at no cost to you.