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The world is full of unique outdoor spaces. Whether this space is a garden, rooftop patio or public space, at in-lite lab we want to illuminate it in an equally unique way. Our lighting solutions go beyond ‘standard’ lighting and feature fixtures that are tailored specifically to customer preferences. After all, as beautiful as an outdoor area is during the daytime, the right lighting can make it absolutely stunning at night.

Naturally, we do not want to deplete global resources in the process. That is why we use lighting from in-lite design in our projects. This lighting is based on low voltage and features the latest LED technology. This makes the system easy to install and replace but, above all, highly sustainable.

Restaurant One Roermond

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Dutch Mill Lexmond

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Krakestee Oud-Beijerland

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Restaurant Fred

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Wantij Dordrecht

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Hotel Zoku Amsterdam

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Dorpstraat Hendrik Ido Ambacht

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We’re Thijs & Vincent. Together we combine technology and creativity in designs and carry out unique outdoor lighting projects. We are passionate about lighting and love to take a unique approach to each individual project. You’ll never hear us utter the words “not possible” when brainstorming over challenges with a client - even when these challenges involve more than just lighting. We approach our work with lots of energy and a smile. After all, we believe in working fast, hard, with a positive attitude and a healthy dose of creativity. Want to join us on our journey? Follow us on Insta!

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The strength of lighting in an outdoor space can be difficult to picture. That is why we use a 3D light design for every project. This makes the ultimate effects crystal clear at an early stage of the process.

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